When it comes to the music industry, nothing can prepare you quite like the real thing.

Steelworks Studios is a buzzing hive of musical activity that always inspires. Surrounding yourself with real artists, and being central to the production of world-class records is experience that money can't buy.


The programs we offer are fashioned to get the best from you as an artist and an individual by helping you find and develop your true musical identity.  Those in the business know that success comes from three things: hard graft, talent and networking. At the Steelworks academy you'll become a part of a valuable network of musicians, producers, and music industry experts with key contacts in the industry.


In short, the Academy experience will ensure you have everything you need to take on life in the music business.

Eliot Kennedy







Eliot kennedy is a Grammy/Golden Globe/Ivor Novello award-winning Songwriter and Producer. During his 20 year career in the music industry, Eliot has worked with artists such as Bryan Adams, The Spice Girls, Take That, Aretha Franklyn, Mary J Blige and Celine Dion, to name a few.


More recently Eliot has been involved with song writing and production on albums from The Wanted, Steps, and had a major role in last year’s X Factor, as Talent Development Producer.


Assistant Engineer/Academy Manager


After graduating from university with a first class honors degree in Music Technology Luke joined the Steelworks team in September 2011. After quickly adapting to life in the fast pace life that is the Steelworks, Luke has found himself playing a big part in this exciting project.


Luke is the main port of call for all EKSA students so don't hesitate to

Having spent his early career as a touring/recording keyboard player/programmer for numerous artists including The Pretenders and The Charlatans, James began to play sessions for Eliot’s records at Steelworks. It wasn’t long before his natural talent for songwriting and production emerged and James joined the team permanently in 2008.

As One half of BearBone Productions, James has co-written/produced numerous records with Eliot for artists as diverse as The Wanted, Steps, The Brand New Heavies and everything in-between.


Chief Recording/Mix Engineer


James joined the Steelworks team in January 2010 after leaving University and has quickly become the studio’s main Engineer/Mixer. Since then, James has worked on/mixed records for clients such as Steps, Andy Abraham, The Wanted and Andrew Lloyd Webber.


Academy Director


Ruth will be the first person to admit that music wasn’t her primary strength before getting involved with the academy. However, since leaving school Ruth has built business’ from the ground up including Stair Steady ltd of which is an award winning product that Ruth invented. There fore Ruth was the perfect woman to get involved and be the driving force behind the Academy business.




Steelworks is a purpose built recording studio, in the centre of Sheffield, consisting of 3 acoustically treated studios, 2 live rooms and an isolated vocal booth. Numerous global hit records have been written, produced and recorded here since we began in the 1980s, a tradition which continues today.



Max Restaino


Max first met Eliot when he was just 11, 7 years later max has come on so far and is so talented. Not only does max play any instrument going at an unbelievable standard, he writes his own songs, sings amazingly and produces music for others. Since joining the Academy full time at the back end of 2013 max has been putting the final touches to his debut EP, building his fan base and developing him self as a producer with in his own right.


Max’s EP will be due for release in the spring and we’re already holding conversations with labels and investors alike who are all desperate to get involved.



Laura Erby


Laura first walked through studio doors a very talented yet shy vocalist. The transformation for Laura that has taken place during her time at the academy is almost unbelievable. The amount of confidence Laura has gained from her academy experience has really helped to push her career. Laura has always been passionate about music and works incredibly hard… It definetly shows as Laura is now embarking on her journey as an artist and is embrassing every second of it.


Laura’s debut EP titled ‘if we had it all’ will be released in the spring, We can’t wait for you all to hear it.




Production week


The Steelworks production week is an intensive program for aspiring young engineers and producers.  The program allows music tech enthusiasts and experienced engineers alike to work with Luke and James, The Steelworks house engineers to improve their skills and gain valuable experience. The program is perfect for people entering a full time education course who want to get a jump start on their fellow pupils, or people who have finished an education course who want to get a taste of working in a professional recording studio.



Over the week the attendees will be put into small and focused production teams and  over the course of the week Luke and James will be on hand to cover all aspects of producing a band, which will include every thing from mic’ing up a drum kit, editing vocals and achieving a professional sounding mix.


At the end of the week every one on the program will have a number of tracks to take away that they can take credit for, a valuable asset for an engineer trying to prove their worth in the professional world. Not to mention we will be offering a selected graduate of the program the opportunity of a month internship at The Steelworks. This kind of opportunity is hard to come by and could prove to be a huge step in your career.


The cost of this brilliant experience is just £495 for 5 full days Places are on a first come first serve basis and a £250 deposit is required to secure your place



Song writing camp

The steelworks song writing camp is a 3 day intensive program aimed at budding young song writers. We provide a professional environment in which the attendees can develop their song writing ability and expert mentors will be doing talks on areas such as song structure, lyrics, melodies and what makes a song catchy.


The format of this 3 day course involves bringing your material in front of a panel of song writing professionals. The panel will help you break down your songs, offer positive critique and most importantly inspire you to improve your song writing.


There is no better setting for a song writing camp than Steelworks Studio. So many records were written and produced here including songs from artists such as ‘Take That’, ‘The Spice Girls’ ‘Bryan Adams’ and many more. Steelworks Studio is a world-class recording facility, a hive of musical activity and an ideal place for young songwriters to gain inspiration from.


The course is about identifying strengths and development. So don’t worry if your strength is writing lyrics and you struggle with the musical aspects such as chords or melodies, we have brilliant mentors who will be on hand to help.


The cost of this excellent program is just £495 per person,


To secure your place a £250 deposit is required and places are on a first come first serve basis.



Artist development week

Here at the Eliot Kennedy’s Steelworks Academy we believe ‘The Song’ is king! It’s what the people and your fans connect with the most. It’s what will make a person think about your music all day long, it’s the lyrics the crowd will sing back to you at your concert and it’s what makes you as an artist what you are.


That’s why we have developed a special 1 week artist development program focusing on your material. You will spend the week working with amazingly talented professional writers who will help both inspire and encourage you to write your next hit!

Whilst on the program you will record 2 new songs that you have written during the week. Steelworks studio is a world class recording facility so not only will your songs be brilliant from working with our team writing them they will sound amazing too!


On top of all this through out the week our dedicated team will be helping you learn to record your own demo’s, collecting content for your online profile such as great studio shots and short video clips and working you as an artist to the bone.


In addition, you will be given the chance to showcase your new skills at a special concert in the heart of the city at a special venue. Attending the event will be local press, media representatives, managers, promoters and even record label representatives…. So it will be a great chance to truly make an impact with your music.


The cost of the Artist development week is £1000+VAT. To book a place you will need to arrange a meeting with Luke the Academy Manager to discuss your goals and ambitions for the week. This also helps us when the week starts to know some background information about you so we can hit the ground running. To book a meeting email luke@eksacademy.com



What course would suit me?

After having a look round our website you might be asking your self ‘What Course would suit me best?’ – Well hopefully we can try and answer that for you.


If you enjoy music, you sing and play an instrument but you aspire to be a great studio engineer then The Production Week is definitely for you. You might be doing a music technology course at college or university… If you want to jump ahead of your fellow class mates then again the production week is the way to go.  Or you might record your own demos at home and want to learn how to make them sound more professional and polished?


Ok on the other hand you might enjoy writing songs and you are starting to see some promise in what you’ve been writing? The Song writing camp would be perfect for you. From the 3 days you will gain an incredible amount of inspiration and experience. You might want to make a career out of writing songs for other people? During the song writing camp you will be working one on one with people who have not only done that but people who have had massive success doing it.


Alternatively you might be an artist who writes there own songs, you might be doing regular gigs, have a small but loyal fan base and are looking to really push on and be noticed for your music? Our week long artist development course will definitely help you to do that.





The world famous Steelworks studio is opening it doors for corporate events, through the Eliot Kennedy Steelworks Academy we can produce corporate events that are for all levels in an organisation, and work with small groups of four or five people to many hundreds in a conference setting.


Businesses are very different and so are there needs,  we can offer a number of opportunities-


-Record a seasonal or work related song, have a full day (or more) in the studio understanding the full process and at the end receive the song as digital release to raise money for charity.

-a reward day for staff that's fun to let off steam, this can be a Themed day- eg abba or the Beatles, the 70s

- team building solution days

- as Part of a conference or one off event

- a greatness unique day to entertain clients with

all packages built around your aims and organisation.

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